Evan Ye

1. What is it like going to school at UC Berkeley?
Berkeley is an interesting place with an even divide between humanities and engineering. A problem is the sheer number of students, which makes similar people "clump" together. As an EECS major I see less and less of students from other disciplines.

2. Is college reading more challenging than high school reading? Why or why not?
College reading was not more challenging. The writing course I took was called social protests in music, and our reading texts were all written in the last 10 years. I thought the philosophy texts in high school were more challenging to understand.

3. What’s your favorite reading from this year and why? (You don’t need to choose a book you read in class.)
Dune, by Frank Herbert. I've recently been rapidly consuming scifi books, and Herbert did a great job at world-building. Dune came close to my all-time favorite, Ender's Game.

4. Is college writing more difficult than high school writing? Why or why not?
Yes, simply because professors have higher quality standards. In high school teachers will brush pass poorly worded sentences, but in college everything becomes more important.

5. What’s your most memorable writing moment from this year?
Honestly nothing really stood out this year, but last year when I took writing and social music I remember this afternoon where I was in the opposite of a writer's block: words flowed as I typed non stop for an hour and a half. In running, this is known as a "runner's high".

6. Looking back at your HS writing experience (in school and with IYE), is there anything you wish you had learned or learned to do better?
Learning how to write clearly and concisely has been immensely useful, both in college and in life. I'm grateful for how I improved with IYE, but there's always room for improvement.

7. What’s the coolest college experience you’ve had so far (that you wouldn't mind your parents hearing about)?
Presenting to a group of 450 students and successfully cracking a joke.

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