Shishir Neelakant

1. What is it like going to school at NYU?
I find that NYU prepares you for the real world. By just working, living, and having fun in one of the busiest cities in the world, you practice being independent and succeeding in a business environment in AND out of the campus.

2. Is college reading more challenging than high school reading? Why or why not?
I find college reading to be denser than that of high school. I have to read in most of my classes, and I have realized that reading in college involves more participation from the reader than before.

3. What’s your favorite reading from this year and why? (You don’t need to choose a book you read in class.)
Eliot - Tradition and the Individual Talent
He tackles the problem of remaining traditional while inventing something new or while revolutionizing the art form - namely writing. This topic always fascinated me - creating a unique identity as a writer while adhering to some traditionally held rules.

4. Is college writing more difficult than high school writing? Why or why not?
More difficult!

5. What’s your most memorable writing moment from this year? (Again, no need to restrict yourself to writing for class.)
No idea; sorry!

6. Looking back at your HS writing experience (in school and with IYE), is there anything you wish you had learned or learned to do better?
I wish I had worked harder on word economy.

7. What’s the coolest college experience you’ve had so far (that you wouldn't mind your parents hearing about)?
After my teacher forced me to write a ton for the class, I loved to write freely because the product, unlike before, would still be coherent. I organized in my head while I wrote, so achieving this ability made me happy :) That being said, I have loads to work on.

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